About Us

SHVKTI (shuck·thee) is empowering people to be self-aware, self-love, & share their stories to create a more connective human experience. 

The current state of SHVKTI now is to use apparel/other products to fund/bootstrap high production-level content. The main mission is to empower as many people as possible to be self-loved and self-aware. To do this, the goal is to leverage the growing audience Sooraj Saxena has as a creator to work towards creating feature films and TV series for streaming services and networks. This is the roadmap to reach a bigger audience across the globe as well as generating greater revenue to expand operations. All content is rooted in themes of self-love and self-awareness from the perspectives of Gen Z South Asians, Asians, BIPOC and others in the creator economy.

Founder, Sooraj, is a storyteller based in the SF Bay Area. He began sharing his stories on IG & TikTok with the intention of showing people that our self-worth is not tied to people or things outside of us.

He built SHVKTI to lead people into an era of self-love. All of his content is solo produced. SHVKTI is a small business & creator run brand, thank you for your support, kind words & patience with the growth & evolution of this brand!